A Class HGV Driver Training For Class 2 LGV Category C licence

How much does it cost?

LGV C+E (not including test fee) Additional Charges
18 hours / 5 days £1195 Practical weekday driving test / £115
  Practical weekend driving test / £141
  Theory test / £35
  Hazard perception test / £15

Module 4 CPC training FREE when you book the 5 day course, otherwise £180 plus the test fee.

Price Guaranteed

We will beat any written quote from any other driving school in the area

Category C

phone now to book free lesson Category C means (Rigid LGV not Articulated LGV). You have entitlement to drive vehicles weighing over 7,500 kg, with or without a trailer - weighing no more than 750 kg.

You will need to apply for the correct provisional entitlement to be added to the paper part of your licence, therefore you will need D2 & D4 forms that you can download off the internet or We can send you one. The D2 form you complete yourself but the D4 form is completed either by your GP or a medical center.

You can have a FREE assessment at any time with us ( see terms on free trial page), so long as you already hold a provisional HGV licence
To become a HGV /LGV 2 driver first you must be aged 18. Call now to book on 07956 002233

HGV and LGV?

Absolutely NOTHING! Its just a name change. We don't actually know why they changed the name, but it was changed in 1992. LGV is the new name for HGV, instead of Heavy Goods Vehicles they are now named Large Goods Vehicles. HGV Class 1 (Artic's); is now called LGV Category C+E. HGV Classes 2 & 3 (Rigid's); is now called LGV Category C and 7.5 Ton lorry; is now called Category C1

What happens next?

Once you have received your licence back with the correct entitlement on your licence, A-Class HGV / LGV Driver Training can book you in your theory tests, we can supply you with the study materials to study with and this will help save the extra time of shopping around for the correct books and CD-roms. We will explain to you what is involved in each test.

Multiple Choice test has 100 questions the pass rate is 85%. Hazard Perception pass rate is 67%.

A-Class HGV / LGV Driver Training will then book you in for a Professional LGV Driver training course of your choice.

Category C allows the holder to drive a large goods vehicle with a maximum authorized mass (gross vehicle weight) over 7,500 kilograms (16,535 lb) with a trailer up a maximum authorized mass of up to 750 kilograms (1,653 lb). This licence can now be obtained at 18 years of age and is the replacement for the HGV Class 2 in the UK, the old HGV Class 2 being any goods vehicle over 7,500 kilograms (16,535 lb).

Question? Is there a compulsory waiting period between taking a Category C (Class II) and a Category C+E (Class I)?

Answer. No! Providing you are aged 18 years or over, as soon as you have passed your Category C (Class II) course you will need to send your Provisional licence along with your pass certificate to DVLA, they will update your licence and return it, as soon as it is returned you can take your Category C+E (Class I).

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