A Class HGV Driver Training Terms and Conditions

Obligations of the "Trainee Driver" (anyone who has made a payment towards any course provided by A-CLASS HGV)

The Trainee Driver provide full and accurate information to A-CLASS HGV at all times - failure to adhere to this may invalidate a booking and result in the Trainee Driver forfeiting all monies paid towards their course.
The Trainee Driver must Be in possession of all necessary legal and/or driving documentation at all times while undertaking their course - the Trainee Driver accepts full responsibility for their driving licence and the entitlements thereof.

The Trainee Driver must Ensure the correct provisional and full entitlement(s) have been added to their driving licence - any Trainee Driver without the correct entitlement(s)
may not be allowed to train and all monies paid towards the associated course will be forfeited.

The Trainee Driver must Ensure their driving licence is valid - if a Trainee Driver is banned from driving at any point during their contractual period all monies paid towards their course will be forfeited.
The Trainee Driver must Show the relevant testing authority a form of photographic ID (i.e. their current driving licence, with the correct entitlement) on the day of their Theory
/ Practical Test and where appropriate produce valid Theory Test pass certificates - if these conditions are not met the Trainee Driver will fail the Test and forfeit all monies paid in relation to that Test.
The Trainee Driver must Ensure they are not under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during their course if A-CLASS HGV or One of our instructors discover a breach of this commitment the course will be terminated immediately with all relevant fees forfeited
The Trainee Driver must undertake to attend their training course on the agreed date(s). If a Trainee Driver wishes to change the agreed dates they must provide suitable notice and pay the associated change fee - these are at the discretion of A-CLASS HGV
and prices vary: please contact A-CLASS HGV for prices and terms. If the associated change fee is not paid the course will proceed as originally agreed and the Trainee Driver's result will be recoded as a 'Fail' with all monies paid towards that course forfeited The Trainee Driver Accepts that if the qualified instructor believes the Trainee Driver has not reached the required standard to attend the driving or operator Test for reasons of safety, the Trainee Driver will be excluded from that Test with the outcome recoded as a 'Fail'

The Trainee Driver must Commit to conducting themselves in an appropriate manner: A-CLASS HGV reserve the right to terminate a course without notice should they, in their reasonable discretion, decide that a Trainee Driver has acted or behaved inappropriately, including but not limited to verbal and physical abuse towards A-CLASS HGV staff, or DSA staff. If a Trainee Driver wishes to appeal such a decision they should do so to A-CLASS HGV

Head Office
A-Class Driving School
374 Canterbury Street
Gillingham, Kent.
0333 577 5004

Whilst under contract with A-CLASS HGV the Trainee Driver undertakes that A-CLASS HGV will be their sole training provider for all LGV, PCV and related training courses. Payment for all future driving and operator licences must be made to A-CLASS HGV
- failure to adhere to this will result in the immediate cancellation of their contract and forfeiture of all monies paid to A-CLASS HGV.

The Trainee Driver Understands that A-CLASS HGV reserve the right to update or amend these Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs) at any time and that the Ts & Cs prevailing at the time of inquiry applies - this is in accordance with law and does not affect a Trainee Driver's statutory rights.

1. Payment terms and conditions:
(a) Course fees include a Deposit of £250 which is non-refundable unless the booking is canceled within 7 days of the original payment (unless pursuant to clause 4(e) below). This does not affect your Statutory Rights under the Distance Selling Regulations, 2000.
(b) Course fees may vary: please contact A-CLASS HGV for details of current prices.
(c) Course fees must be paid in full before dates for that course can be arranged on a Trainee Driver's behalf.
to clause 1(c) above courses cannot be booked if there is an outstanding balance. Upon making an initial part-payment a schedule of follow-up payments must be agreed which will be confirmed in writing by A-CLASS HGV. If a Trainee Driver fails to honor their payment plan and a missed payment is not settled within 14 days all monies paid towards the Trainee Driver's course will be forfeited .

2. Cancellation and refund policy:
(a) Providing the remaining provisions in section 2 have been adhered to, if the Trainee Driver cancels their booking within 7 days of paying their initial Registration Fee any monies paid to A-CLASS HGV will be refunded in full, provided the Trainee Driver returns the Starter Pack in the same condition it was issued and provided the booking was placed without face-to-face contact - this is in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations, 2000.
(b) Cancellations must be made in writing and sent by Special Delivery to A-CLASS HGV Training Services at the address stated above. The timescale for all refunds begins from the proof of postage date applied by Royal Mail .
(c) A-CLASS HGV will endeavor to acknowledge a Trainee Driver's cancellation letter within 5 working days of receipt. Subsequent communication will outline the company's decision regarding the Trainee Driver's request for a refund and where a refund payment applies this communication will clarify the date and amount of the refund payment .
(d) Any approved refund will be returned to the Trainee Driver 28 working days from receipt of the Trainee Driver's request - please refer to clause 2(b) for clarification on when the refund timescale begins.
(e) The term 'Course Bookings' and 'Booking' applies to any Trainee Driver who has made a full or part-payment towards any course provided by A-CLASS HGV . In-line with the Distance Selling Regulations, 2005 (amended), if a Trainee Driver's Online Theory Test training software account has been accessed their training is deemed to have begun,
the 7-day 'cooling off' period will no longer apply and the refund will be subject to the deductions outlined in the remainder of section 2.
(f) Pursuant to clause 1(e), the following deductions apply to all refund requests:
- Requests received within 7 days of initial transaction (unless clause 2(e) applies): no cancellation fee and no registration fee, however as prescribed under the Distance Selling Regulations, 2000 a £35 charge will be applied for 'disbursements'
- Requests received after 7 days of initial transaction: a cancellation fee of 50% plus £100 Registration Fee
- Requests received after 6 calendar months of initial transaction: a cancellation fee of 100% applies

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